Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

LouLou checking on Shorty's leash

According to LouLou theCat, love is things you do for your loved ones, with great consistency and accuracy.

He gave me this example of checking Shorty theDog’s leash before we take our regular walk.

LouLou further elaborated that what he did for Shorty might perceived by the others as time-wasting and unnecessary.  “My buddy, Shorty, have a penchant to run without bothering to check the traffic.  It drives you mad, right?  So I must make sure the leash is still okay for use.” he said.

I asked him if Shorty loves him.

Oh yeah, definitely!  You know my left ear sometimes stink so much that you want to dip me in the soapy water the moment you are able to grab me?  Not him.  He will patiently lick my ear until it is clean (to his standard).  I got impatient sometimes but he will hold my head with his paw, that goldie boy!

What is love to you?